As an Eco Stylist, I help you cultivate your most ideal personal style wardrobe in the most sustainable fashion. This means acquiring, using and disposing clothes in ways that have minimal damage to your health and the planet, and in some way, have a more positive impact on the lives of garment workers.

The power of style should NOT be underestimated! Style makes you look and feel your absolute best, but it can also change your life for the better! If used correctly, style magic will help you

  • transform to the person you want to become and

  • achieve your goals.

If you’ve ever thought style doesn’t matter, then you might want to reconsider. Did you know that in seven seconds of meeting you, the first and often lasting impression of you is formed by the other person(s)? So, if you’re going on a date, interview, to a meeting or giving a talk, you’ll have a major advantage if you’re able to nail the right look for the occasion. A look that aligns with your mission for that interaction or occasion. This is why style is important. It can MAKE OR BREAK YOU!

Style isn’t about fashion trends, it’s entirely about YOU and YOUR own ‘personal style’, which you can cultivate using my personal style formula:

Personality + Lifestyle + Body Metrics = PERSONAL STYLE.

It’s your perfect, comfortable wardrobe that makes it easy to always have the right look for every occasion. Creating this for you is where my expertise lies.

Under this arena, here are some style goals that I can help you with:

  • A photo album with of complete outfits to wear for any occasion

  • Clear out the clutter in your closet  

  • Create a personal style wardrobe that aligns with you or who you are becoming

  • A wardrobe that supports you to live fullest potential

  • Look amazing everyday

  • Curate a sustainable wardrobe

  • A wardrobe that expresses your authenticity and helps to live your truth

  • Enhance your confidence and self-esteem

  • Use style to evolve to the best version of yourself.

Mosey on over to the styling options page to see how I can help.