nina gbor

I’m Nina Gbor. With so many bisecting issues in the world, my passion for style, sustainability and positive change organically morphed into advocacy and fashion activism. I’m often asked what style has to do with sustainability and positive change and the truth is that they’re all very interconnected! Here’s why.


The power of style is not to be underestimated. It’s ability to help people look and feel beautiful can build self-confidence, change lives and achieve goals. This talismanic power is in part why fashion has become a multi-billion dollar industry.


It’s common knowledge that the fashion industry is one of the most polluting industries in the world. It’s also laden with an enormous level of social injustices, particularly in the treatment of garment workers, of which majority are women.

Positive Change

This is where they all tie in together. I harness the influence of style to bring attention to the issues of and around the fashion industry. Fashion pollution impacts climate change. Majority of fashion consumers are women, and 80% of garment workers are women. Sustainability in fashion is therefore a feminine issue. Positive change happens when consumers use their agency to make conditions better for workers and the environment.

When women are uplifted, the entire community benefits. This is why female empowerment is a major part of my agenda. It’s the domino effect to help end poverty by catalysing social, economic and political growth.

Through advocacy, sustainable fashion workshops, talks, journalism, videos and events, I work with changemakers to influence systematic change in fashion and other areas. Eco Styles is about supporting paradigm shifts in areas that affect women and international development.

Born, raised and having lived on four continents, I consider myself a woman of the world and a global citizen. Being able to connect with women in both Western and developing societies enables me to relate to a wide spectrum of women from varying backgrounds and intersections. I have a Masters degree in International Development with a focus on gender & development. My history is also an instigator for my work.

I was awarded Champion of the Year in the 2018 Canberra Women in Business Awards for empowering women through advocacy work in journalism, styling and events. If we are to experience positive change in the world, we are going to have to hear women’s voices, ensure women are given a seat at the table and placed in high leadership positions.

Eco Styles is a platform for style, sustainable fashion, female empowerment and international development.

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- Nina Gbor