Preloved, colourful & proud

February 6, 2019

preloved colour therapy nina gbor 1

Probably the most recognised form of sustainable fashion is buying preloved (second hand) clothing. Preloved clothes make up about 75% of my wardrobe. It’s all come from vintage stores, op shops (charity shops), markets and clothes swaps. And when I buy new, it’s usually from an ethical label. For this post I chose a bright, colourful outfit to showcase my colour-loving style and preloved fabulosity.

preloved colour therapy nina gbor 2

My wardrobe is an eclectic mix of various aspects of my personality that expresses itself in what I wear. My personal style is feminine, quirky and creative with a bit of drama. With the fluorescent green skirt as the main attraction of this preloved outfit, I chose un-matching pieces for a romantic, yet quirky look.

preloved colour therapy nina gbor 3

I was drawn to this skirt because it’s quite unusual, bright, bold and all that colour! I believe colours have the power to affect our mood and even uplift those that behold it. For instance, have you ever worn a red outfit to a place on a cold and dreary Winter day and watched everyone’s face light up when you walked into the room?  If you haven’t already, it might be worth adding vibrant colours to your wardrobe that give off those joyous vibes. They’ll help keep you lit all day, in addition to making you look fabulous. It’s also a good supplement for your general wellbeing.

preloved colour therapy nina gbor 4


The look: I’m wearing this bird pattern cardigan top with the green skirt and my beloved leopard print stilettos. On the Vespa, I tested the look with these bright red ankle boots.

Styling tip: With a loud skirt like this, you might choose to pair it with a neutral colour top or blouse. Complementary colours like black, white, navy, dark or light brown might also work.

Outfit sourced from:

Bird-pattern cardigan: ANU Thursday preloved market

Fluorescent green skirt: Vinnies Op Shop, Surry Hills, Sydney

Red ankle boots: Canberra Fashion Market.

Photos by Brunela Fenalte Photography.

- Nina Gbor