Staying off the fashion trendmill in Aztec

February 17, 2019


I NEVER follow fashion trends. I coined the phrase “Get off the fashion trendmill” to let my styling clients and workshop participants know it was okay to ignore fashion trends. The culture of following trends is one of the biggest contributors to fast fashion and fashion landfill waste. Plus, trends do not suit everyone. Instead, I encourage people to find style wellbeing. This means wearing clothes that make you happy and filling your wardrobe with pieces that suit your body, lifestyle, goals and personality.

Speaking of personality, this Aztec-pattern hoodie had me hooked from the moment we met in a Salvation Army op shop. There’s nothing else like it in my wardrobe, plus it’s a major diversion from the typical 50s style dresses that grace my closet. Yet, something about it connected to the less visible quirky side of my personality that was clearly screaming to get out. I had the same love-at-first-sight when I spotted these denim, rhinestone, stiletto knee-high boots at a preloved store.

aztec fashion nina gbor 2
aztec fashion nina gbor 3

No matter how much people try to influence how you should look, you know yourself better than anyone else. Following trends or styles that don’t align with who you are can create some inner turmoil, not to mention fashion disasters. You’re likely to have better mental and emotional health by staying true to who you are and wearing clothes that align with your truth. It’s great for emotional balance and growing your confidence.

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The look: I’m wearing the hoodie with a black long-sleeve thermal, black leggings and denim knee-high stiletto boots. This is an everyday, casual Autumn/Winter look for me.

Style tip: A hoodie like this can typically be worn with jeans, shorts or even a straight knee-length skirt. Boots of this length and style will look nice with above-the-knee or knee-length skirts.

Outfit sourced from:

Aztec-pattern hoodie: Salvos Stores Op Shop

Denim boots: Gulia Preloved & Vintage Store, New Town, Sydney

Photos by Brunela Fenalte Photography

- Nina Gbor